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Suzhou Iceman Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Fabricant sur mesure
Principaux produits:Machine à glace cube/Machine à glace en forme de coeur/Machine à glace en forme d'étoile/Machine à glace bloc/Machine à glace flocons de neige, machine à glace en croissant/machine à glace en forme de balle/machine à glace gourmande/machine à glace de pépite/machine à glace industrielle, machines à glace de restaurant/machine à glace commerciale
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Suzhou Iceman Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Professional manufacturer

Suzhou Iceman Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. As a renowned refrigeration equipment manufacturer, is based in Kunshan, Suzhou, China. We focus on research, design, production, and sales of world-class refrigeration equipment.

Highly Cost and quality control

Product quality, raw material prices, and sales prices.

Quality Assurance

This enables us to provide customized products tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We take pride in using environmentally-friendly, food-grade materials in our products, and have robust quality control measures in place to ensure that our exports are of the highest possible quality.

Excellent Service

Our motivated and professional sales team will save your business both time and money.